With love from Jared


I've been making websites since the tale end of college. Finished a few projects with some other people that can be seen below. If you are a developer, I am all about open source and free information, I'd be happy to provide the source to anything I've made, just email the address in the top corner of the page and I'll send it along.

*This site is almost exclusively client side and is not encrypted, you can find most of the source by right clicking the screen and choosing "view source".Some of he projects however are written mostly server side, email me and i can send along the source (except for the private company websites).

   Wave Trio Design

   You Anchor Us

   Royal USA Inc.

   Golden Moving Company

   Jared Leidich

   The Riegner Family

   Uranium and Vanadium mining

   Integr.al Online Calculator

   What is Occupy?