Jared Leidich

Paragon and NASA ARC, Small Payload Quick Return (SPQR) Vehicle

The Project:

SPQR ICES 2010 [1]

From SPQR White Paper [1]:

During the upcoming post-STS (Space Shuttle) flight era, there will be a loss of capability of returning payloads from the International Space Station. A survey of means of returning such payloads is discussed, which includes the proposed large re-entry capsules currently being designed. However, these flights may be infrequent and as such, may not meet the required demand for returning smaller payloads at greater periodicity. Approaches applicable to small and mid-sized payloads will be presented, including the payload types of potential interest to the larger ISS (International Space Station) user community. Potential candidate options may include the use of propulsive or drag system designs to accomplish the de-orbit maneuver. One such system, termed Small Payload Quick Return (SPQR), will be discussed as a viable candidate system for providing near-term, on-demand sample return capability. (SPQR ICES 2010 [1])


1. Murbach, Marcus, S., Boronowsky, Kenny, M., Benten, Joshua, E., White, Bruce, Fritzler, Erin, The SPQR as an Option for Returning Payloads from the ISS after the Termination of STS Flight, International Conference on Environmental System, Barcelona Spain, 2010

My Role:

Paragon is responsible for the payload container and interfaces of the SPQR vehicle along with the thermal control systems associated with those components. Mr. Leidich started as the designer for the project and became the lead engineer of the Phase II SBIR part way through the work. The bulk of the design, and analysis was performed by Mr. Leidich as well as a portion of the programatic duties involving documenation required for qualification of a piece of hardware used on the International Space Station.

nasa SPQRTesting the Payload Container at NASA Ames Research Center