Jared Leidich

Paragon Dive System (PDS)

The Project:

dive system

Paragon Project Descriptions [1]

From Paragon prject descriptions [1]:

The Paragon Dive System™ isolates a diver in a “space-suit like environment”, completely protecting divers from contaminants and hazardous materials present in their surrounding environment. The US Navy funded Paragon to redesign their existing surface supplied diving system because of the health risks posed to divers operating in contaminated water environments such as the USS Cole incident and Hurricane Katrina. This new diving system was selected as one of Popular Science’s Inventions of the Year in 2008 and is now in field test production and certification with the US Navy. The Paragon Dive System™ can also be used in many commercial contaminated water diving applications. (PDS Web page [1])



1. Paragon Dive System webpage, http://www.paragonsdc.com/paragon_dive_system_09.php

My Role:

Mr. Leidich worked with the Paragon Dive System team in the creation of the assembly procedures for the surface panel assembly (the main control center for the unit). Mr. Leidich also aided in the design of the Suit Dump Valve that controls the pressure inside the suit.