Jared Leidich

Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle

The Project:


NASA Orion[1]

From Wikipedia [2]:

Orion is a spacecraft that is being designed by Lockheed Martin for NASA, the space agency of the United States. Orion development began in 2005 as part of the Constellation program, where Orion would fulfill the function of a Crew Exploration Vehicle.

Each Orion spacecraft is projected to carry a crew of four astronauts. The spacecraft was originally designed to be launched by the Ares I launch vehicle. As of 11 October 2010, with the canceling of the Constellation Program, the Ares program has ended and the Orion vehicle is now planned to be launched on top of Space Launch System, a cheaper alternative to the Ares series. The first crewed Orion flight is anticipated in 2016.[see reference 2] It will serve as an Emergency escape capsule for the International Space Station. If commercial orbital transportation services are unavailable, Orion would handle logistic flights to the station.[see reference 2]

The federal government proposed cancellation of the Constellation program in February 2010 and was signed into law October 11.[see reference 2] The bill is basically a retooling of the Constellation Program, moving the objective away from a moon base and more towards a NEO mission and an eventual Mars landing. (Wikipedia, Orion (Spacecraft) [2])



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My Role:

Mr. Leidich is working as the lead designer for the development of the helium leak test fixture which will check the spacecraft ECLSS tubing pieces for leaks. Due to proprietary and ITAR concerns the details of the project aren't included.