Jared Leidich

Commercial Crew DEVelopment (CCDEV) Paragon Air Revitalization System (ARS)

The Project:

air revitalization system


COTS and CCDev status [2]

From Aviation Week [1]:

A modular air revitalization system for future human spacecraft bound for the International Space Station and other low-Earth-orbit (LEO) destinations has completed preliminary design review, clearing the way for work to begin on a ground-test unit.

Working with federal economic stimulus funds under NASA’s Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) project, Paragon Space Development Corp. of Tucson, Ariz., passed the milestone with its Commercial Crew Transport Air Revitalization System.

By the end of the year, the small company — which added its own funds to $1.4 million in federal money provided under a Space Act Agreement with NASA — expects to finish building an engineering development unit and complete initial integrated ground tests to pass its final two CCDev milestones.

Packaged to fit a space measuring 60 X 14 X 12 in., the system is designed to circulate air in a spacecraft cabin, cool the air, scrub carbon dioxide, control cabin humidity, remove atmospheric contaminants after a fire and filter particulates. For the relatively short trip to the ISS or other LEO destination, the air itself would be carried in tanks, but the Paragon system would keep it breathable. (Aviation week 2010 [1])



1. Aviation Week, Commercial Crew Life-Support Unit Passes, http://www.aviationweek.com/aw/generic/story_channel.jsp?channel=space&id=news/asd/2010/08/25/08.xml

2. Lindenmoyer, Alan, COTS and CCDev status, NASA CCDev, http://www.aiaa.org/pdf/industry/presentations/Alan_Lindenmoyer.pdf

My Role:

Mr. Leidich was involved in many pieces of the CCDev ARS. He created the original concept models and worked with a team on the writing of the proposal. The contract was awarded along with 6 other CCDev awards announced at the white house by NASA director Charles Bolden. The unit was brought to a PDR level. At the latter end of the project Mr. Leidich was the Inlet Filter Assembly subsystem lead and participated in the fabrication and testing of the overall unit while working with and gaining valuable experience from Paragon senior management and representatives from NASA.