Jared Leidich

Paragon Space Development Corporation, August 2009 to Present -

Mr. Leidich was hired onto Paragon in August of 2009 as an Aerospace Engineer and designer. Building on experience with designing and building spacecraft hardware from previous satellite projects he moved into a lead engineer position for the Payload Containment and Thermal Control Unit (PCTCU) for the Small Payload Quick Return (SPQR) vehicle being desinged by NASA Ames Research Center to provide on-demand return capabilities of small thermally controlled payloads from the International Space Station. Alongside this project (and currently) mr. Leidich also writes proposals through the Small Business Innovative Research program and modeled the original design for, while playing a significant role in the writing of, the US Commercial Crew DEVelopment (CCDEV) program proposal for a universal Air Revitalization System (ARS) which went on to win a 1.4 million dollar contract and was recognized at the White House as one of the 7 commercial spacecraft developer contracts awarded to stimulate the commercial development of human spaceflight. Mr. Leidich has also worked on the Orion Spacecraft, and was the Inlet Filter Assembly subsystem lead for the CCDEV ARS.

Begining testing on the PCTCU at the NASA Ames facilities in Moffett Field, CA

Assembling a rapid prototype at the Paragon Tucson facilities