Jared Leidich

Lockheed Martin Co, Intern, The Orbital Space Plane (OSP), Spring 2003

Mr. Leidich was hired as an unpaid high school intern to work for a semester at the LMCo Waterton Canyon facilities on the design of the Orbital Space Plane which was at the time prospected to replace the space shuttle upon its retirement. He worked on the human factors team and began his time working on the attenuation system for the seats anticipating an apollo era solution using single use deformable washers. In the latter half the internship he helped in the construction of a full size wood and plastic mock-up of the OSP including the seats and attenuation system. The experience culminated in a human factors testing day where Mr. Leidich donned a space suit alongside two US astronauts and went through several mission scenarios noting human factors concerns and successes inside the mock-up.