Jared Leidich

NASA Johnson Space Center, SEED Microgravity Program, September 2007 to May 2009

Jared Leidich worked under NASA scientist Evan Thomas in the NASA funded development of the Regolith For Lunar Urine Solids in Habitats (RFLUSH) program through the NASA water lab at building 7, Johnson Space Center. The original efforts were to design a urine filtration system prospected for use in the formerly planned lunar habitat. As the project progressed Jared became the lead for an off-shoot project designing an apparatus capable of simulaiting reduced gravity particle motion called an inclined clinostat. An invention disclosure was submitted to NASA for the inclined clinostat which resulted in a NASA tech brief publication in 2009. The original reduced gravity packet bed experiment and inclined clinostat experiment were flown on the NASA C-9 microgravity plane and the Zero G Corp. 737 microgravity airplane respectively. Mr. Leidich flew with both of the experiments, and has spent over 60 parabolas, or roughly 30 minutes in a reduced or microgravity environment.