With love from Jared

Below should be most the songs I've recorded. You can listen using the players under the project title or download using the link to the song name. Enjoy!

More Videos:

The Pixies, Where is my Mind Cover

Sadler in C# Minor

MGMT kids with Lena Melnick

The Mountain Goats No Children with Lena Melnick

MGMT Kids Classical Piano cover (no vocals)

Endings (on guitar)



 The Almost Solo Piano Project
 The Matt Hicks Edition (2004)
The Almost Solo Piano Project
 The Newest Techno Remix of Jared Leidich's Piano Magic (2005)
   1) Sadler in C# minor
   2) Firthster in F# major
   3) Brune in F# minor
   4) Ridge
   5) Benison
   6) Hicks
   7) Bellew in C
   8) Jacqueline
   9) Knutsack

   1) Maybe
   2) Empty Room Piano
   3) The Piano Song
   4) G Maj
   5) Jared 2
   6) Pissed About Alex
   7) The Old One
   8) Bellew Remixed
   8) The New Funk

   1) The Girls from Jackson Hole (independant)
   2) Eskimos (written with Enthusiastisize)
   3) The Cold War (independant)
   4) Julie (The Almost Solo Piano Project)
   5) Brett Hall (The Almost Solo Piano Project)
   6) Resident Advisor (Written with J-Track and the D-Minor Experience)