Jared Leidich

Columbine Hills Concrete, Superintendant for the US6 Loveland Pass Rebuild, Summer 2007

Mr. Leidich spent the summer of 2007 on a high mountain pass used to access local ski areas and to act as a bypass to Colorado's Eisenhower tunnel. He was hired for the summer as a concrete forman and was promoted to superintendant of the 1.2 million dollar project within a month of beginning work. The job included the superelevation of several switchbacks requireing an innovative string network to fill the interior of the tight corners with asphalt (in some places up to 2 feet of asphalt!) making the inclines more gentle. Mr. Leidich was responsible for all scheduling, layout, design interpretation and general management of as many as 20 workers at a time. Through the planning and execution of the job he became fluent with Mcrosoft Projects and learned to operate several pieces of heavy equipment including front end loaders, excavators and skid steers.