Jared Leidich

Work Experience:

Jared is currently the lead engineer for descent systems at World View Enterprises. His team is responsible for designing and building the parachute systems that return World Views stratospheric payloads safely back to Earth. His first project with the US space program was over 14 years ago when he interned at Lockheed Martin on the Orbital Space Plane in 2003. Since then he has worked with a variety of groups including NASA Johnson Space Center and Ames Research Center, the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics and on the winning Nanosat V team under the Air Force Research Labs. Jared holds a bachelors degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder in Mechanical Engineering and has done graduate coursework in advanced thermodynamics and engineering analysis at the University of Arizona. He is currently a member of the the Life Support and Systems Technical Commitee for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and is a licesnsed professional engineer

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1. BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder

         A. 16 credit hours of extra coursework in Aerospace Engineering, Astrophysics and Civil Engineering.

2. Classes at the University of Arizona

         A. Graduate coursework in Advanced Thermodynamics and Advanced Engineering Analysis (Vector Calculus)

2. TA and RA

         A. Teaching Assistant for 2 years in Computer Aided Drawing and Fabrication (CAD/FAB) teaching Solidworks design and fabrication.

         B. Research Assitant at the CU owned Laboratorie for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP)

2. NASA Spacegrant Fellowship

         A. Succesfully completed the NASA Spacegrant fellowship through the Colorado Spacegrant Consortium (COSGC).

Patents and Inventions:

1. Minimized Converging Single-point (MConS) kinematics – The MConS kinematic system was designed for use in the space program to mount detachable spacecraft structures; patent pending with myself and one other as inventors.

2. The inclined clinostat – This was developed while working with NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) for use in simulating reduced gravity for a lunar regolith filtration device. Invention disclosure submitted and processed resulting in NASA tech-brief publication.

3. Expandable ball rover – Developed under The Boeing Company during a senior project. Invention disclosure submitted. Patent application has not been filed to date.

Design Competitions:

1. University of Colorado Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Competition – Winner 2009

2. University of Colorado Design Expo – Judges pick 2004

NASA Awards:

1. Systems Engineering Microgravity Flight 2008 –

   a. Flight to view the reaction of packed beds for research regarding lunar Regolith For Lunar Urine Solids in Habitats (RFLUSH).

2. Systems Engineering Microgravity Flight 2009 –

   a. Flight to explore the sedimentation of particles in low gravity for a test apparatus used in the RFLUSH project.

3. Tech Brief Publication 2009 –

   a. In response to invention disclosure for inclined clinostat in RFLUSH program.


1. Leidich, Jared (2010), “Minimized Converging Single-point (MConS) Kinematics, A Novel Approach to Fastening Detachable Spacecraft Structures” AIAA, Space 2010 Conference and Exposition, Aug. 30 – Sep. 2, Anaheim, California

2. Leidich, Jared, Davis, Bruce L. (2010), “Development of a Structural Kinematic Mounting System for Small Payloads,” ICES 761793, 40th International Conference on Environmental Systems, July 11-15, Barcelona, Spain.

3. Leidich, J., Thomas, E. and D Klaus (2009). A Novel Testing Protocol for Evaluating Particle Behavior in Fluid Flow Under Simulated Reduced Gravity Conditions, Conference on Environmental Systems. Savannah, SAE.

4. Thomas, E., J. Leidich and D. Klaus (2009). 2009-01-2503 A Sustainable Regolith-Based Water Recovery Concept for the Lunar Outpost. International Conference on Environmental Systems. Savannah, SAE.

5. Zuniga, David., Murbach, Marcus S., Leimkuehler, Thomas O., Chiesi, Stephanie S., Leidich, Jared, “Conceptual Development of a Payload Thermal and Pressure Control System for a Small Payload Quick Return Vehicle,” ICES 762183, 40th International Conference on Environmental Systems, July 11-15, Barcelona, Spain.

6. Thomas, E., Leidich, J. the Inclined Clinostat, NASA Tech brief publication 2009

Software Proficiencies and Additional Information:

1. Highly proficient with SolidWorks, PDM Works, and windchill 7.

        A. Two years teaching the Solidworks lab course at the University of Colorado at Boulder including design for manufacturing and Geometric Dimension and Tollerancing.

        B. Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP), " A Certified SolidWorks Professional is an individual that has successfully passed our advanced skills examination. Each CSWP has proven their ability to design and analyze parametric parts and moveable assemblies using a variety of complex features in SolidWorks."

2. Analysis with SolidWorks Simulation (formerly COSMOS). Analysis for design with the SolidWorks Pro package. Mostly FEA for structures and Thermal with limited work in FlowWorks CFD package and Motion for geometric motion studies.

        A. Additional exposure to ANSYS Workbech and Thermal Desktop through interaction with co-workers and colaboration with analysts during various projects, though not proficient at using the programs.

3. Fluent with MS office 2010 and previous versions (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)

2. Task scheduling and resource allocation with MS Projects 2007

3. Completed advanced LabView course. Limited experience making Virtual Instruments and DAQ interfaces.

4. Several hundred hours machine shop time using MasterCam CNC code software interfacing with 3 axis CNC milling machines and CNC Lathes.

5. Assembly expereince in both shop prototype and clean production environments.