Jared Leidich

Engineers Without Borders (EWB), Rwanda project microenterprise, UV systems and rainwater catchment, 2005 to present

Mr. Leidich has been involved with EWB for several years and in 2009 he traveled to Rwanda where he managed the construction of 18 high efficiency cook stoves for a rural orphanage on a microenterprising grant. He started working with Engineers Without Borders as a sophomore in college, his initial role was to write manuals for the CU designed UltraViolet solar lighting and rainwater catchment systems implemented throughout Rwanda. He took on more responsibility over time and by his senior year was the team lead for the stoves project. Rwanda, and much of central Africa is in the middle of a dire wood shortage which is needed to cook food. Additionally, house mothers typically die at a very young age due to respiratory complications from spending their days in smokey kitchens. In response to these needs a stove was designed to be built out of insulative pummus stone. The stove is capable of close to full combustion of ordinary wood removing smoke from the environment and reducing wood consumption by up to three times. 18 of these stoves were designed and built at the Lesperance orphanage in Muganero, Rwanda where they are still in operation now. stovesstove plans