Jared Leidich

Coors Brewing Co, Intern, Research and Development Laboratory, Fall 2002

Mr. Leidich was hired as an unpaid high school intern to work for a semester at the Coors Brewing Co in Golden, CO alongside his advanced chemistry class (Chemistry II). The internship included a thorough introduction to the science of high volume beer making and culminated in a project developing a new method for workers in the brewhouse to test glucose levels in the wort (the sweet substance that ferments to make beer). He worked regularly with molecular separation machines for back deriving competitor beer recipes, and with various chemical process to generate failure date analysis reports for beers sent back to the factory after reportedly making someone sick. He was featured on the world famous "coors tour" as one of the chemists behind the glass! Fun fact: the land that south side of the factory is on (the tower to the right in the picture below) was purchsed from my great grandmother by the late great Adolph Coors.